5-Day CSS & Divi Challenge

The best introduction to custom CSS for Divi users

The free CSS & Divi Challenge by Divi Lover is a quick way to build strong CSS foundations in just 5 days. Fun lessons, easy tasks, and immediate results - for free!

Do you need CSS when using the Divi Theme?

Should you start learning custom CSS if you're working with a page builder like Divi?

  • You love using the Divi Builder but sometimes feel limited in the way you can bring your ideas to life.
  • You struggle with custom CSS in Divi and you keep putting off learning CSS because it seems too difficult, or you don’t know where to start.
  • You’d like to use the new Divi Code AI, but it’s frustrating and overwhelming without understanding CSS.​ You know that your web design work would be easier if you knew CSS.
  • If any of this sounds familiar… then you’re in the right place!

What to expect?

Complete the challenge and get real effects

Five days seems like a short time to get groundbreaking results. And yet, with this challenge you can expect real and noticeable changes in such a short time! Here are the benefits you will see after completing the challenge.

Understand CSS

You will be able to read and understand what custom code means and does.

Target any element

You will be able to write correct CSS selectors to target any part of your website.


You will know where to look for possible CSS conflicts and diagnose the source of code problems.

Day 1:
 How it works?

Understanding the HTML Website Structure

Day 2:
 How to write CSS?

Learning the CSS Syntax and where to add CSS in Divi

Day 3:
 How to target things?

Different ways of defining CSS Selectors

Day 4:
 What trumps what?

Understanding the CSS Specificity Hierarchy

Day 5:
 Why it doesn't work?

Inspecting & Troubleshooting CSS


Real effects in just 5 days!

Building strong CSS foundations is career changing! It gives you real skills and prepares you to deal with big challenges confidently. But don’t take my word for it! Instead, see what other challenge participants have to say about their results.

Opinions and reviews from previous challenge participants:

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Divi&CSS Challenge Review
Divi&CSS Challenge Review
Divi&CSS Challenge Review
Divi&CSS Challenge Review
Divi&CSS Challenge Review
Divi&CSS Challenge Review
Divi&CSS Challenge Review
  • instant and lifetime access to challenge video lessons - so you can start your journey toward CSS mastery at once
  • lessons in PDF format - for easy revisions when you can’t watch a video
  • 30 min one-on-one consultation with Ania - to discuss or troubleshoot any web design issue of your choosing
  • "Inspecting CSS with Chrome DevTools" PDF guide - a comprehensive manual combining 50 must-know tips on inspecting CSS with Chrome Inspector
I'm sure the things I'll share with you during the challenge will completely transform your approach to CSS…

and I hope to show you that it is not as difficult as it may seem. Building websites with Divi is much easier when you know CSS!

Can't wait to see you inside!

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