I can recommend Ania’s Academy with all my heart. I did not only learn a lot but also enjoyed the time of the program very much.

Our mission

Love for beautiful design and a simple, efficient approach to learning are the Academy’s core values. Sticking to them has allowed us to create a powerful learning environment that keeps students engaged and brings them quick, noticeable outcomes. Students who used to shy away from CSS start coding with confidence and those who felt limited unlock their creativity.


With Ania’s program I gained so much confidence and I feel like a whole new universe opened up for me, lesson by lesson. A huge playground of new technical possibilities.  For me it was perfect.

Our superpower

Ania Romańska is at the heart of Divi Stylist Academy. One of key creators in the Divi community, Ania has been sharing her love for web design and her trademark Divi solutions since 2016. Her teaching style is easy to follow and efficient, and her enthusiastic approach to beautiful web design empowers students with energy and inspiration.


It is amazing how Ania guides you through all the different aspects of CSS and jQuery. I learned so much about CSS and Divi that I am far more comfortable than I was before.