CSS & Divi Challenge

Is the Challenge free?

Yes! The core of the challenge, so the learning materials, access to the exclusive community, and live Q&A meetings are free for all participants during the challenge. This access is time-limited, so the materials and community are only available while the challenge is live.

What’s the VIP Experience?

It’s a paid option for those challenge participants who want to have instant access to the materials. The VIP package also includes downloadable videos, lessons available as downloadable PDFs, a 1-on-1 consultation with Ania, a PDF guide to DevTools, and unlimited access to the platform and exclusive community.

Can I take this challenge if I know nothing about CSS?

Yes! This challenge is perfect for beginners, because we will start from the absolute basics. Join right in, this is for you!

I have questions about CSS. Where can I ask them?

Under every lesson on the Challenge platform you will see a comment section from our community. You can ask your questions directly there or go to Circle and submit them under a relevant post. Your questions will be answered either directly in the comments or during the live Q&A for that day.

How much time will it take every day?

The lessons are between 10-15 minutes, with the last lesson going up to 25 minutes, so watching the material doesn;t take much time. But you will also need to put in half an hour to solve and post the daily tasks and ask your questions. And then, we will have live Q&As every day, that shouldn’t take more than an hour each. Overall, and hour and a half every day should be enough to tick all the boxes, but you can spread the work over your day if this will suit your schedule better.

How do I continue learning after the challenge?

On the final day, you will receive tips on how to continue your journey. There are a few options depending on how fast you want to become proficient in CSS and web design, and we’ll cover all these options. 

The fastest, most reliable course of action is to enroll in Divi Stylist Academy. We invite all Challenge participants to join! We offer a special discount and a bonus for everyone who enrolls right after completing the Challenge.

Do I need Divi to benefit from the course?

Yes, you need the Elegant Themes membership, as we will be using the Divi Theme as the main tool in the course.

Do I need any other resources before starting the course?

If you already have a Divi website, then nothing else is required.

Will I need to take any other courses to become a professional web designer?

Web design is a constantly developing field, and a web designer with a growth mindset will always find an opportunity to broaden their knowledge. Having said that, good CSS knowledge and the basics of jQuery will get you very far, and you’ll be able to create fully functional, professional, and of course beautiful designs after completing this course.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge of web design before starting this course?

Divi Stylist Academy is accessible to beginners as it starts with the foundations of web design. That said, the course load becomes more advanced with every consecutive module, and we will dive into quite specialized topics where prior experience will come in handy. So, if you are a beginner who’s super motivated to learn and digest a lot of material, you should be fine. 

You may also start by taking our free 5-Day CSS & Divi Challenge. You can check the date of the next edition and sign up here.

Will I have a lifetime access to the course?

Yes, you will have a lifetime access to all modules in the main program as well as the downloadable resources included in the course.

Will I receive all modules at once?

No, each module will be released on a learning schedule optimized to give you plenty of time to digest the coursework at a manageable pace.

Can I pay for the course in installments?

Yes, you have the option of making a one-time payment of €1250, three payments of €450 each, or six payments of €225.

If I have any questions during the course, will Ania be available to answer them?

Ania will host live Q&A sessions twice a month inside the exclusive community. You can submit your questions beforehand, and Ania will tackle them personally during those live meetups. For time-sensitive issues, we encourage posting a question in a relevant forum in the community where you can count on peer support as well as Divi Lover team members to answer your question.

What is the Divi Stylist Community?

It’s the exclusive community for Divi Stylist Academy students and alumni, where users share tips and resources, talk about web design, and take part in weekly live meetings to receive web design support.

Can everyone access the Community?

No. Access to the Community is regulated, and only those who enrolled in Divi Stylist Academy have access to all forums. The participants of the CSS & Divi Challenge also gain access to parts of the Community.

Is it free?

Participating in Divi Stylist Community is free for Divi Stylist Academy students for a period of six months after enrolling. After this period, a subscription payment is necessary to continue accessing the forums. 

The portion of the Community dedicated to the 5-Day CSS & Divi Challenge is free to access for all challenge participants during the challenge. Once it ends, only VIP members can continue accessing the Challenge forums.