Student Testimonials

The real impact of Divi Stylist Academy

The students whose testimonials you can watch and read on this page come from various parts of the world and various backgrounds. Some were web design newbies, others already had thriving online businesses which they wanted to grow by acquiring new skills. But they all have one thing in common – they invested in Divi Stylist Academy and saw incredible returns on that investment.

See what they have to say.

Bettina Herzog

I can recommend Ania's program with all my heart. She is a real pro when it comes to CSS and web design. I did not only learn a lot but also enjoyed the time of the program very much. If you are not yet a CSS specialist yet, don't miss out on her program!

Her program is thoughtfully designed and gives away a lot of useful things. The resources and her pleasant approach make it such a nice experience.

The hands-on approach was a real game-changer for me. And your sweet personality, Ania. You made the learning an especially fun experience. It was such a nice atmosphere in the class. Everybody could ask any question.

I think it was great value for the money. To be honest - I was thrilled you offered such a program to such a reasonable price! There was no fear at all - just joy and looking forward to the course.

It completely opened my eyes for what can be achieved with css. The hands-on approach was so much better than the theoretical stuff I read before. I feel much more qualified with css and the Divi theme now! Also I learned a lot about the general approach of web design.

Deshna van Aarssen

It has been transformational for my work as a web designer. I have learned so much about CSS, some jQuery, but also all the functions of Divi and the web designing process. It has changed my capabilities and my confidence. It's all much easier now.

If you are committed to improving your web development skills utilizing Divi theme builder, this course is worth the effort and cost. In one word, excellent!

I feel confident to design and develop custom Divi website layouts for my clients in a more efficient time. Before this course, I would tend to utilize a premium Divi child theme and then modify the theme to meet my clients’ needs.

Ania provided life-long access to all course document materials, training videos, and Q&A session videos. She is a master at CSS coding. Having the ability to watch Ania utilize the Google Chrome code inspector and find solutions to coding issues added exceptional value to this course. Watching “over her shoulders” while hearing her thought process was a valuable learning experience.

After this course, I feel more confident to custom code themes more efficiently without “hacking” into an existing premium theme.

John Waraksa

Barbara Gölz

I learned so much! And now I can really do websites and things I want, in the way I want them to be. Not only what Divi makes possible, but what I think is best.

The program took my webdesign skills to the next level. It gave me freedom for more creativity, as I feel much more confident to consider extraordinary ideas and think out of the box with my new skills in advanced CSS and jQuery.

I was a little bit afraid there would be too much stuff in the program that I already knew before. But actually 75% were partially or fully new to me. And for the things I already knew before, it was very good to get a fresh up and to see how a professional handles certain situations in webdesign.
Before the program I sometimes felt limited in creativity and was not sure, if I could realize certain ideas in terms of layout or functionality.

With Ania’s program I gained so much confidence and I feel like a whole new universe opened up for me, lesson by lesson. A huge playground of new technical possibilities. For me it was perfect.


I'm a web designer and I've always struggled with CSS on my sites. I can't recommend the Academy enough. I hope you decide to join when it launches again, you will not be disappointed.

Adela Mei

Claudia Katharina Schäfer

It was exactly what I imagined. Ania is a very good teacher, funny, straight to the point and very warmhearted. I learned an insane amount of new things in a very short time.

Ania is a professional in what she does and she knows how to clarify in a simple and understandable way.

She shared a lot of valuable knowledge. I received new inputs regarding the workflow for my projects and learned a lot. I discovered many new possibilities and functions in Divi. I learned a lot about CSS and jquery.

Anyone who has already gained initial experience with web projects and Divi and would like to develop further, must definitely take part in this course. New worlds will open up and the way Divi websites are implemented will change permanently.


Martina Olonshek

Ania is a an absolute genius who shares so much knowledge! She answered any single question I had.

No matter how big the problem was – she has had a solution. Thank you so much, Ania! Your Divi Stylist Academy is the best online (and actually offline too) course I have ever bought.

The program is already paid by itself because we have knowledge that we usually have to pay developers hundreds of dollars just to perform in our business and our website. If you're thinking about joining, definitely do it.

Anthony Llanos


I often had the feeling that I'm "not good enough" as a web designer - although my clients and many other people really love my layouts.

But I felt insecure about working with media queries, and often I spent 10-20 hours on a website project than I had calculated. That's why I felt frustrated and even thought about dropping my web design business.

With DSA, I really loved the deep dive into Divi specialties like presets or working with the Theme Builder. Most other webdesign programs are superficial and only teach basic stuff about HTML, CSS and WordPress which is not very helpful if you are already an experienced web designer.

I wanted to improve my design skills and fasten my web design process because I often had the feeling that I was spending way more time that I was charging my clients 😉

Therefore: Mission accomplished! Bravo!

The modules in this course are very easy to follow and very well organized. I can honestly say that this is better than any other college courses I've taken in the past. Throughout this program Ania was kind and caring to everybody and she answered all of our questions.

Yuri Moser


Since the first lessons, I am using the knowledge in creating and improving websites.

What stood out to me in this course was CSS! Not new to me, but now I am using it in a much much bigger scale.

Professionally, I see a big difference. I feel more confident and I don’t fear as much thinking of increasing my business. The course was professional, communicative, supportive, nice atmosphere, a big bunch of knowledge. It was great!

Jinny Austin

If you make websites and if you are using Divi, you should definitely take the Divi Stylist Academy course. There have been so many insights and helpful resources. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up to me.

This course was a personalized and unique learning experience using the latest tools to teach, show and discuss.

In this course, you will be taught by someone with practical knowledge of their subject matter and who is flexible to move beyond the boundaries of the course material with one consideration only —>Her students. At all time, Ania has put us first. She has never claimed to know it all and in some cases learnt with us in tackling the unknown. Ania, you are a great teacher, have excellent knowledge and you’re an asset to the Divi community.


Luigi Di Maggio

Every module is wide and deep, and it’s built on top of the previous modules. The path is clear and complete.

I was not an absolute beginner, but I think that even if I were, I still could have followed the program with tangible outcomes.

My top 3 benefits:
1) deeper knowledge of CSS and JQuery, which is valuable regardless whether you use it in WordPress and Divi, or not
2) better understanding of the proper Divi workflow
3) useful tips for all that “subtle” adjustments that turn an ordinary website into a pixel-perfect one

Ania deserves your trust, and DSA is a very good program. If you want to become an efficient Divi developer, go for it!

I just finished the academy and I absolutely loved it. It over exceeded any expectations I had. The content is so comprehensive. It’s incredible how much you can learn within 12 weeks.

Nicole Est


If you’re looking for a course that focuses on all aspects of web design, while also using the Divi framework, this is the one!

After the course, I am definitely approaching things differently to start a new project. Although I have always paid a lot of attention to being consistent with styles, I hadn’t thought about creating such an extensive style guide in Figma and thinking things through so much before starting a project. I can see how this is really helpful.

Second, it has made me aware that I have a lot more control over layout using CSS. I have used CSS minimally before, but not to the extent that Ania showed in the class. Going forward, I will definitely try to style things on my own a bit more before resorting to using a plugin. I can see that there were a lot of plugins I have been using that I could eliminate by using CSS. Even if I still have to Google for specific CSS, I understand it a lot better and can apply it better now to do what I want.

I have got more out of this course than I can put into words!

I have confidence to be able to say to clients and to the graphic designer i have started working with, that she can create the design and I will build it, no more templates for me but the confidence to know that I can start with a blank page and work to my own blueprint. Ultimately I will have the confidence to put my prices up knowing that clients are getting a more professional website.

And from a personal perspective this course has really helped to relieve some of the imposter syndrome I suffer from dreadfully since I know now that I have more skill than I did before.

Anonymous Student

Michaela Salcedo Torres

Now I feel much more confident and I don’t need to search for snippets for plug-ins anymore because with acquired skills I can just create really nice designs and it’s really smooth and much easier and quicker.

I love the videos where I can follow the instructions step by step and which are followed by explanations and troubleshooting as well. I really appreciate what Ania does for her students, and I admire her professionalism and sense of humor. At the same time, I love that access to the Academy is a lifetime, so that I can go through the modules again anytime I need to. Ania is extremely helpful. She replies to any question, and the Q and A sessions add to the Academy another incredible value.

It is amazing how Ania guides you through all the different aspects of CSS and jQuery. I learned so much about CSS and Divi that I am far more comfortable than I was before.