DSA is our flagship program that blazes a quick route from beginner or semi-pro to a professional web designer. Teaching everything from the principles of beautiful design to advanced CSS, the course is a must-have for every Divi web designer who wants to create stunning premium websites and quote high prices for every project.

More Courses Are Coming!

We’re hard at work developing new courses for you! Right now, we’re preparing a newbie course, as well as two expert-level courses for advanced web designers. At least one of them should appear in a few months’ time, so if you want to stay informed, sign up for updates.

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And if you’d like to know what exactly we’re working on, here is a little peek behind the scenes.

We’re working on…

  • an introductory mini-course for WordPress and Divi newbies: everything explained step-by-step to support beginners
  • an advanced course on Divi Dynamic Content: requested by many DSA students, this course is finally in the works
  • an advanced course teaching premium Divi child theme creation: another highly requested course, it will explore building premium Divi child themes with the most current setup and requirements

Note: advanced courses will be recommended for students who completed Divi Stylist Academy, as we will build on top of the DSA materials.